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Saturday, 21 April 2012


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intitle:add+url "your keyword"
intitle:submit+site "your keyword"
intitle:submit+url "your keyword"
intitle:add+your+site "your keyword"
intitle:add+site "your keyword"
intitle:directory "your keyword"
intitle:sites "your keyword"
intitle:list "your keyword"

inurl:viewtopic your keyword
Powered by Phbb your keyword
Powered by vBulletin your keyword
Powered by SMF your keyword
Phbb your keyword
powered by IPB your keyword
MyBB your keyword
powered by PunBB your keyword'llZ

Replace "your keyword" with Keword you want to search in Search Engines. For eg.
intitle:add+url "list of directory submissions"

Thursday, 19 April 2012


SEO, as you know, such as search engine optimization, There are many reasons why people want to use SEO to grow their business online. A popular motivation for a commercial website is an exchange of something unique and affordable product or service with the rest of the world. It may be a service or good that you hope that people want to buy, or could it your thoughts and reflections that you post so that other people can read all over the world. To minimize the possibility of profit, many corporate and business - venture the modern technique of using internet marketing to increase traffic to their site.

In general, the main method of Internet marketing strategy is through the use of SEO process. And those looking for the modern Internet marketing strategy, they will definitely get great traffic and eventually led to sales. In general, "" People "search engine used to search for information on the World Wide Web. For many companies online, the first page of search engine results pages (SERP) is very important because the visitors coming from the first page of the SERP to the required information. So a lot of competition going on between the sites for the top slot in the serp pages by specific targeted keywords.

For the first chance in online internet business and always high place in search pages, search engine optimization is very essential for online business. A professional site deals mainly with the sale of goods or services through internet marketing. Since the optimization of your website for search engine is the main concept of SEO, and you pull it off you, you need keyword analysis. By placing keywords in the business-oriented areas in which search engines for a particular game, you can increase your search engine traffic to further improve your business. The first step is the SEO keyword optimization, and this should be a number of key words or "keywords" that best described the content of your website. You have to deal with different variations of keywords, so you can maximize the practical, which keywords are an individual or a visitor to access specific types of information - especially those offered by your web site. You will find that buyers are much more likely to buy from a site that responds quickly if he shows them the pages waiting to be examined.

So, for a good commercial website, the better the content, keyword density, the more links and back links, the better the search engines your website. The better the people who get the higher your rank, higher placement in search results on one page. This ultimately leads to more traffic and more business.

Saturday, 17 March 2012


Brand new Google brings us the day the +1 button. I think in future this will become Google +1 Button still a lot of importance, so that it can not hurt now already installed the Google +1 button on the website. There are a few tutorials for it already, but the most detailed explanation as well as the features and gadgets around the +1 button, I found only on Google itself.

In principle, the installing of Google +1 button on website and hard in the WordPress blog is not. I think it needs a plugin for it, since this button is only a few lines of code together. So there is a generator of Google, with the code for the +1 button can be generated according to preference.

Code for the Google +1 Button

First, it takes a short JavaScript, so the Google +1 button can be inserted and, above all, work. The installation of this javascripts recommend either in the head area or at the very bottom of the page in the footer before the . I chose the latter more so for the footer decided, as this can have a positive impact on the load times. Thus, while inviting the Google +1 button to click the last page, but hardly anyone is so fast that he had not yet loaded at that time.
The Javascript code for the German Google +1 button looks like this:

Click Here src="">
{lang: 'en'}

Google +1 button on Google Analytics track

From the tracking of Google +1 buttons on Google Analytics is possible. A good guide for that I have found Yoast. I personally think the whole thing is a workaround, and Google is even working on a automatic or recommended solution for tracking the +1 button. As I have learned in this regard is an update of Analytics at home.

Who does not want to wait for the update, but now the Google Analytics tracking will implement its Google +1 button, which is the above mentioned instructions from Yoast to heart. For those who do not speak the English language, following a brief summary:
Be created in the Google +1 button has an ID code for the callback function, eg

In addition to the callback ID is needed then a short javascript which tells Google Analytics, to track the +1 button as an event:

Friday, 16 March 2012


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Friday, 9 March 2012


There are a lot of changes occurs in Google algorithms in 2012. Now search engines optimization(SEO) are not so easy as appear earlier, means to say that if you work seo as you do earlier, then there is no effect of that works on your websites effectively. So the question is that what techniques are effective which gives accurate result of our seo works. So lets discuss on that one by one.

According to Google algorithms, if your site, where you have to done search engine optimization(SEO) is related to a particular categories, then you have to done submissions or posting on that particular categories i.e if your site related to sports, then you have to do all off page submission on the related categories of sports. For example, If you do submissions on instant approved forum sites on other categories than sports, then there is no back link to your sites from that sites. So always try to post on the relevant categories while to do off page submissions.

There are a lot of techniques available in off page submissions like directory submission, bookmarking submissions, forum management, article posting, blog posting etc. Do you know which techniques are most useful for getting fast result? If we consider last two years, then its came to know that the article posting is the most effective way to get the result very fast. But now in 2012, articles posting is not the top most techniques. Here in 2012, blog commenting is the best way to get the instant result. Comment is the king in the new Google algorithms, whatever its instant approve blog commenting sites or not.

Instead of blog commenting, the second effective way to get the keyword ranking higher in search engines is social bookmarking. That gives immediate effect of your sites, also helpful to get traffic on your sites as social media do, result in improvement in page ranking. On page optimization is the first step in the search engine optimization. Without on page of a website, it’s impossible to do their seo or that site occupies any position in the search engines ranking. In on page optimization, there are a lot of things consider like title tag optimization , meta tag optimization , alt tag, sitemap, analytic code, robot.txt file ,Google verification etc . Keyword searching is the main thing which is to be carefully selected for the related sites.

Social media optimization(SMO) also one of the off page techniques which used to get the traffic on the sites to improve the page ranking and customer attraction. The mostly used social media sites are Face book, linked in, twitter etc which are very effective to achieve the target within a short time. To make Face book fan page and twitter followers of your business site which are interested. There are another huge social media sites, you can used to promote your business worldwide.
Search Engine Stretigies in 2012

Tuesday, 6 March 2012


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